Ezeas Products Fixing Tape

Mounting a Power Board

EzeAs Products Fixing Tape: The Perfect Solution for Mounting Your Power Board

Are you tired of dealing with the inconvenience of hard-to-reach power points? Do you want to mount your power board in a neat and accessible way without damaging your furniture? If so, EzeAs Products Fixing Tape is the solution you've been looking for.

Our Fixing Tape is perfect for mounting a power board against the side of furniture, up against skirting, or on a hard surface floor. Unlike screws or velcro tape, EzeAs Products Fixing Tape has strong adhesion and won't damage your furniture. It's safe to use on any type of smooth hard surface.

To get the best results, apply EzeAs Products Fixing Tape over at least 70% of the back of the power-board closest to the edging, making sure that no part of the tape is exposed. Then, place the board in the desired position and press firmly to activate the adhesive. You can start using the new fixture immediately.

Say goodbye to hard-to-reach power points and messy power boards mounted with inadequate tape. Upgrade to EzeAs Products Fixing Tape for a secure and long-lasting hold without any damage to your furniture.